WZ30-25 Backhoe Loader with 1cbm Bucket


$21000-$40000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

Payment Terms:

Delivery time: 7-10 Days

Shipping: ContainerFlat RackRoro

Product Description

WZ30-25 Backhoe Loader

1. The WZ30-25 is a new multi-function engineering machine which gathering the loading and excavating in the integral whole machine.

2. It is the new generation model of the development based on the same kind product technique in domestic and international.

3. Having adopted four wheel drive, hydraulic torque converter, hydraulic steering system, hydraulic.

4. It is extensively used in the road maintenance, farms and developments, getting clay for making brick, piping builds, the cable builds, parking virescence and the excavating of the road opens to dig,breaking up.etc.

5. This machine has below characteristics: The Yuchai engine: low noise, low exhaust gas, low west, green environmental protection, driving motive, good reliability.

6. The spirit valve control take type brake system and parking brake system move two unite as one, when there is trouble in the gas brake system, it can make in time brake automatically, so it is more safety.




Bucket capacity1.0
Digging Capacity0.3m3
Dumping Clearance2650mm
Dumping Reach930mm
Max. steering angle±35°
Max. steering angle of dig working device±85°
Tracing Speed I/II/III/IV0-6.2 / 0-12 / 0-20 / 0-30Km/h
Back I/II0-8 / 0-28.5Km/h
Diesel Engine ModelYC4A110-T310/YC41390-T20
Modality4-stroke water-cooled inline type/4-stroke water-cooled inline type
Rated Power73.5 (Turbocharged)/65kW
Rated Speed2200r/min
Wheel Base2600mm
Tyre size17.5-25-12PR16/70-24
Max.digging depth4400mm
Max.digging radium5471mm
Operating Weight9500kg
Overall Dimension8000×2310×3424mm

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