Orange Peel Grapples Steel Grab Scrap Metal Grapple


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Product Description

Orange Peel Grapples Steel Grab Scrap Metal Grapple 

Steel grabber is a kind of scrap steel loading and unloading equipment. It can realize a variety of operation functions by changing the grapple and working device. Special engineering machinery in the industry, equipped with different grapples(such as plum grabs, shell grabs, log grabs, billet grabs, hydraulic shears, hydraulic pliers, etc.) can meet different customers' different conditions for scrap steel, ore, coal , Bulk fertilizer, yellow sand loading and unloading needs.
● Economical and reliable

Single pump constant power, dual pump cross power control, stable engine output; Negative flow pump control mode, good economy; Hydraulic oil radiator and engine water cooler plug-in arrangement, compact and efficient; Hydraulic hoses and seals are imported with high reliability.

● Reasonable design

Both the boom and the stick are hydraulically locked and have good impact resistance. Both pumps converge, the stick regenerates, and can be combined with multiple movements to ensure stable operation. Two speed selections for walking speed to achieve two speeds to meet different working conditions; The upper arm brake of the walking and turning mechanism is hydraulically opened and has good safety; Flexible configuration according to different grade requirements of users; Power system, hydraulic system and working device can be freely and flexibly configured according to users' need; The working device adopts a "straight-moving arm and a bucket stick" structure, and is equipped with an electric suction cup and a lifting driving cab;

● Efficient and environmentally friendly

Simple operation, convenient maintenance and safe and reliable performance; Environmental protection and energy saving, low noise and long service life; The far-infrared remote control system can realize long-distance operation; the crawler-type walking device has low ground pressure, stable walking and flexible steering.


Orange Peel Grapples Steel Grab Scrap Metal Grapple


Item                                             Unit                                       Parameter                                                 
Operating Weightkg58000
Engine Powerkw264
Electric Motorkw200
Rated FlowL/min2X400+30
Working PressureMpa31.5
Main Valve/PARKER
Swing Motor/SUNJIN
Travel Motor/DOOSAN
Swing Speedrpm0-12
Maximum TractionKn260
Travel Speedkm/h0-5.3
Overall Dimensionmm9600
Stick Lengthmm5000
Bucket Capacitym33

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