26ton XP263S Compactor Machine New Tyred Road Roller


$52,000-$58,000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

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Product Description

XCMG 26ton XP263S Compactor Machine New Tyred Road Roller

The XP263S tire roller compactor is used as a working device for compacting ply materials in pneumatic tires. 

It is mainly used for compaction operations such as asphalt pavement, foundation layer, sub-base layer, dam and filling works, etc. 

It is a high-grade highway. Ideal compaction equipment for airports, ports, embankments and industrial construction sites.


1. power plant

XP263S using Shangchai SC7H160.2G3 Euro 3 electric control diesel engine, with high reliability and fuel economy, low noise, low emissions meet the country Ⅲ stage standards.
2. the transmission system
The drive is made of imported variable pump, variable motor composed of closed hydraulic drive system to ensure that the roller has a good drive performance and high climbing ability. Two stepless speed change, to ensure that under different conditions at the most appropriate speed of operation.
3. air control system
The air control system is divided into braking system and centralized inflatable system.
Brake system by the air bag, pressure regulating valve, gas brake valve, brake cylinder, brake cylinder, brake, dry multi-chip normally closed brake, hand brake, pipe, all kinds of joints, valves, etc. Composition, can achieve emergency braking and parking brake. Two sets of braking systems can be interlocked.
Centralized inflatable technology is a way for the driver to adjust the tire pressure at any time through the gas control according to the change of the compactness of the compacted material in the working condition. 
4. the fuselage
Fuselage with box-type structure, the middle of the two sides can increase the weight. The fuselage parts are designed with maintenance holes and clamshell cover to facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of various parts.




XCMG 26ton XP263S Compactor Machine New Tyred Road Roller


DescriptionUnitParameter value
Minimum operating masskg15000
Maximum operating masskg26300
Mass of added heavy waterkg650
Added masskg10550
Compacting widthmm2360
Overlap amount of tiresmm65
Ground pressurekPa200-470
Minimum turning radiusmm7620
Swing amount of front wheelmm±50
Minimum ground clearancemm300
Theoretical gradeability%20


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