9m Asphalt Sensor Good Paver RP903


$130,000-$190,000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

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Delivery time: 25-30 Days

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Product Description

P903 Paver

Driving left and right independent drive, microcomputer control, paving speed using constant-speed automatic control technology. 

The diesel-powered SC9DK220 diesel engine has a powerful power of 162kW. 

Adopting a three-in-one powerful composite radiator, the transmission and distribution adopt four sets of independent hydraulic system transmission, automatic material level control, ultrasonic sensor control technology for material distribution, and ultrasonic or material control technology for feeding materials to ensure the material trough The material level is stable. 

The height of the dividing device can be conveniently moved up and down to accommodate different paving thicknesses and reduce segregation. High wear-resistant alloy materials are used for the material-dividing blades, and highly wear-resistant steel plates are used for the material conveying floor and the screed bottom plate to effectively extend the service life of the machine. Central centralized lubrication system can automatically evenly lubricate bearings in high temperature parts.


9m Asphalt Sensor Good Paver RP903


DescriptionParameter value
Dimension7150×3000×3950 mm
Weight24300-27200 kg
Driving speed0-2.6 km/h
Basic pave width3.0-9.0 m
Maximum pave width9.0 m
Maximum layer thickness300 mm
Maximum paving speed16 m/min
Hopper capacity15000 kg
Maximum laydown rate800 t/h
Rate power162/2000 kw/rpm

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