rough terrain crane

What is a rough terrain crane?

Rough terrain crane is what we usually call tire crane. The off-road tire crane is a boom rotating crane that uses a tire-type chassis to travel. It is a full-slewing crane with a crane structure installed on a special chassis composed of heavy-duty tires and axles. Its upper structure is basically the same as that of a crawler crane. In order to ensure the stability of the fuselage during installation, the crane has Four retractable legs. On a flat ground, it can be hoisted with a small weight without outriggers and can be driven at low speed.

The difference between rough terrain crane and mobile crane

The rough terrain crane is a crane developed in the 1970s. Its lifting function is similar to that of a tire crane, and it can also be used for lifting and lifting without outriggers. The difference is the structure of the chassis and the improvement of driving performance brought about by the unique chassis structure. The engines of this crane are all mounted on the chassis, which has two axles and four large-diameter off-road tread tires. The four wheels are all driving wheels and steering wheels. When transferring stations on a muddy and uneven construction site, all four wheels transmit power, that is, four-wheel drive to improve the ability to pass through muddy ground and uneven roads. When driving at a faster speed on a flat road, only the two wheels of the front or rear axle are used for driving to reduce energy consumption. In the random document of the crane, 4×4 is used to indicate four-wheel drive, and 4×2 is used to indicate that two of the four axles are driving wheels. This model is suitable for small areas. It can realize continuous stepless speed change, and the engine will not stall in the case of sudden changes in road resistance, which greatly facilitates the operation of the driver. The Can So off-road tire crane is a powerful and flexible tire crane with expanded performance.

The mobile crane is a normal crane. The difference between it and the rough terrain crane lies in the use of the site. The rough terrain crane can be used on muddy roads where the road environment is relatively bad, while the mobile crane uses a relatively narrow range, so if we If you want to work in factories or construction sites, it is recommended that you use a rough terrain crane.

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