3.5 ton 0.11cbm XE35U Mini Excavator


$33,000-$36,000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

Payment Terms:

Delivery time: 15-20 Days

Shipping: ContainerFlat RackRoro

Product Description

XCMG's new-generation "U-series" small-sized tailless excavators are flexible, efficient, reliable and durable.

With strong power, the excavators are efficient and energy-saving. 

The new-generation hydraulic components are more efficient and more reliable, and have high control precision, strong digging force, and excellent operational efficiency. 

The "boom deflection" function cooperates with the tailless rotating design and perfectly adapts to operations in limited space. 

The “chassis extension and retraction" function improves the vehicle's traffic ability. Concealed working pipes can be efficiently protected. 

The rear hood can be opened in an integrate way, which is convenient to maintain.


XCMG XE35U Crawler Excavator


ModelMetric unitXE35U
Operating weightkg4200
Bucket capacitym30.11
Displacement Standard
StyleDirect injection---
Four strokes---
Water cooling---
No. of cylinders---3
Output powerkW/ r/min21.6/2400
Main performanceTravel speed(H/L)km/h3.6/2.2
Rotating speedr/min8.5
Ground pressurekPa36.6
Bucket digging forcekN24.6
Arm crowd forcekN17.8
AppearancesizeAOverall lengthmm4960
BOverall widthmm1740
COverall heightmm2535
DWidth of platformmm1585
ELength of crawlermm2220
FOverall width of chassismm1740
GWidth of crawlermm300
HTrack length on groundmm1440
ICrawler gaugemm1721
JClearance undercounterweightmm587
KMin. ground clearancemm297
LMin. tail swing radiusmm870
Working scopeAMax. digging heightmm5215
BMax. dumping heightmm3760
CMax. digging depthmm3060
DMax. vertical wall digging depthmm2260
EMax. digging reachmm5415
FMin. swing radiusmm2170

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