XE75D Crawler Excavator


$45,000-$55,000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

Payment Terms:

Delivery time: 15-20 Days

Shipping: ContainerFlat RackRoro

Product Description

1. The overall layout and the axle load distribution are more reasonable to achieve better traveling stability and the maximum traveling speed is up to 40km/h to realize faster site transfer speed.
2. The domestic leading hydraulic system distribution technology features high energy-saving and efficiency.
3. The highest breakout force on the loading end is leading the industry by 15%~20% compared with like models.
4. The advanced structure and hinge points on the digging end and the industry’s largest rotating angle of the bucket ensure strong soil holding capacity.


XE75D Crawler Excavator


Bucket capacity0.3m3
Engine rated power43kW
Operating Weight7460Kg
Bucket Digging Force57kN
Max. Digging Height7085mm
Max. Digging Depth4020mm
Max. Dumping Height5160mm
Dimensions  (L x W x H)6150×2230×2685mm

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