What is the Cleaning Method of Excavator Parts?

Apr. 17, 2020


After using Crawler Excavator, the accessories of the small excavator will be cleaned, so how to clean it? Crawler Excavator Manufacturer explains the following points:

1. Remove the scale of the excavator

Excavator chemical descaling agent, usually used to remove the scale in the chemical solution into the coolant, the engine will change the coolant within a certain time after working, and the common chemical solutions for removing scale are: caustic soda, hydrochloric acid cleaner solution of hydrochloric acid solutions, as well as phosphate cleaners and phosphate cleaners, are used to clean the dimensions of aluminum alloy parts.

Crawler Excavator

Crawler Excavator

2. Excavator accessories can eliminate carbon deposits

Carbon removal can be done by simple mechanical cleaning, which can be removed with a wire brush or scraper, but this method is not easy to clean and it is easy to damage the carbon on the surface of the part.

3. Cleaning of excavator oil

The thick oil on the surface of the excavator parts should be scraped off first. Normally, the oil should be applied to the hot cleaning fluid on the surface of the cleaning parts, and alkaline cleaning fluids and synthetic detergents are often used in the cleaning fluids. Heat and wash with alkaline cleaning solution, heat to 70-90 ℃, the parts are within 10-15 minutes, then take out and rinse with clean water, and then blow dry with compressed air. It is important to note that aluminum alloy parts cannot use strong alkali Cleaning fluid; non-metallic rubber parts are used to clean alcohol or brake fluid.

Excavators often encounter various failures during use, and there are only three reasons for the failures. One is improper operation, one is poor maintenance, and the other is poor lubrication.

Most failures are caused by improper operation. The big data shows that most machines have large and small failures after a period of use due to improper long-term operation, which indirectly shortens the service life. In order to avoid long-term improper operation, it is recommended that you regularly consult the excavator training manual and instruction manual to develop good operating habits.

Good operating habits are the basic requirements, and good maintenance is also important. The construction environment of small excavators is usually very harsh, and construction in such an environment for a long time will cause great mechanical losses. If you can do a good job of maintenance, you can avoid many failures.

There is also the problem of lubrication. People will dry their mouths for a long time without water, and the machine will accelerate wear when they lack lubricant for a long time. Adding lubricant to each part regularly to maintain good lubrication habits can greatly improve the service life of the machine.

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