What are the Advantages of Material Handling in Port?

Apr. 07, 2020


As an Excavator for Mining Manufacturer, share with you. 

1. Environmental protection, zero emission and no pollution

The working efficiency of the gripper can perfectly replace the diesel equipment of the same tonnage. Due to the use of Material Handling in Port as power equipment, the use of electric power as a clean energy can achieve zero emissions, no pollution, and is perfectly suitable for the current green development strategy of China. Environmental protection compliance is of great significance.

Material Handling in Port

Material Handling in Port

2. Economical and effective, effectively save operating costs

The operating cost of the gripper is much less than that of the diesel-type equipment of the same tonnage. After a large number of customer site statistics, it can save up to 50% of the operating cost.

The cost savings are, on the one hand, the electricity cost is far less than the cost of diesel, but also the cost of equipment maintenance, using a diesel engine as the power equipment, the equipment needs to perform regular engine maintenance every year, replace the diesel filter, replace the engine oil, add coolant In other words, the motor is used as a power device. The maintenance of the motor is just to clean the dust, lubricate and other simple and quick work.

3. Save maintenance time and improve work efficiency

Engine maintenance requires replacing the diesel filter element, changing the engine oil, adding coolant, etc. Compared to electric equipment, because of the clean energy used by electric power, the maintenance of the motor is just a simple and quick job of cleaning dust and lubrication. During the overhaul period, the maintenance of the electric motor is far less than the time saving of the diesel engine. The saving is not only the time and maintenance cost, but also the output created by the time you save.

Although the grabber is equipped with a cable, the movement range is limited, which is slightly less maneuverable than the fuel-type equipment. In general, this problem is basically negligible, and the gripper will definitely conform to the future green development concept and have a broad market prospect.

After long-term use of the gripper, it will produce natural wear and looseness. If the operating environment is harsh, it is an important factor that aggravates wear. In order to maintain the good performance of the machine, reduce the wear of parts and prolong the service life, maintenance work must be done.

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