What are the Common Causes of Excavator Holding Back?

Jun. 17, 2020


As a China Excavator Company, share with you. Excavator holding vehicle is one of the failures that users cannot ignore. What are the common factors that cause the problem of holding back? The following is a summary of the reasons for everyone.

XCMG Crawler Excavator

XCMG Crawler Excavator

1. The engine power does not match the power of the hydraulic pump

The stagnation of the car is of course closely related to the engine. The stagnation is usually caused by the decrease in engine power. If the engine power is lower than the power required by the hydraulic pump, you need to check the fuel system and intake system for problems. In addition, problems with the oil pump will also cause the engine power to drop. Usually, you need to calibrate the oil pump and replace the plunger nozzle.

2. Insufficient engine intake

When the engine intake of the excavator is insufficient, it can also cause suffocation. There are also many reasons for insufficient air intake, such as severe wear of the supercharger, incomplete operation of the supercharger due to clogged air filter elements, and a small amount of exhaust gas leakage from the exhaust branch. When necessary, the supercharger needs to be replaced.

3. Severe vehicle caused by heavy load

Insufficient fuel supply is also one of the reasons for the excavator to hold the machine. Generally, the engine will work under heavy load for a long time, and there will be insufficient fuel supply. At this time, the pump flow can be adjusted to eliminate stagnation, and remember not to work under heavy load for a long time.

4. Oil problem

The failure of the excavator is related to the oil. Excessive impurities in the oil will cause clogging of the oil path, clogging of the filter, too many impurities in the fuel tank, and reduction in engine power. Prolonged use of oil with more impurities will damage the excavator and cause stagnation. In addition, if the selected oil model does not match, the installation of mismatched parts may also cause suffocation. It is recommended that you choose regular accessories and high-quality oil.

5. Fuel system problems

If long-term use of inferior oil products causes a large amount of impurities at the bottom of the fuel tank, the fuel tank should be cleaned regularly, and the oil pipe and the connection point of the oil passage should be cleared. In addition, the oil-water separator should not be overlooked, and the drain valve at the bottom should be opened regularly to discharge water, otherwise the excessive water storage capacity will also cause the excavator to hold back the vehicle and malfunction.

6. Sucker caused by dirty pump regulator

When working for a long time and neglecting the oil dirt formed around the large pump regulator, the regulator is blocked, causing the large pump regulator to not work properly, which causes the phenomenon of holding back. At this time, it can be removed and cleaned for debugging or replacement.

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