Maintenance and Maintenance Methods for Fuel Tank Trucks

Jul. 10, 2020


The difference between the maintenance and repair of the fuel tank truck is very obvious. Obviously, the repair is because of the failure, but the maintenance is to avoid failure. Usually, we need to be very careful when using a tank truck. The elimination of potential safety hazards and the maintenance of locomotives are very important. Once a failure occurs, it may cause certain safety problems. Maintenance is usually to reduce the wear rate of parts, prevent failures, and extend the service life of special vehicles; while repairs usually fail to repair Or the parts and assemblies that have lost their working ability, restore the good technical condition and working ability of the tank truck, and extend the service life.

Fuel Tank Truck

Tank truck maintenance and tank truck repair are closely related. There is maintained during repair, and there is repair during maintenance. In the process of vehicle maintenance, a certain part or part may be found to be a precursor of failure or damage, so you can use the maintenance opportunity to repair it. In the process of repair, it is natural to maintain some parts that are not damaged. This is a natural thing. We must deal with the relationship between the two, insist on focusing on maintenance, and overcome the "repair and light warranty". The bad tendency of "replacement with insurance". "Three-point cultivation and seven-point cultivation" is the reason.

Maintenance of lubrication system

The main function of the lubrication system is to effectively lubricate the various components of the engine of the special vehicle to prevent excessive wear. Under normal circumstances, special vehicles need to be cleaned and maintained once every 5000km-10000km. When the engine noise is too loud, the acceleration is weak, and the water temperature is too high, it needs to be cleaned and maintained. Clean oil sludge and other deposits inside the engine to avoid oxidation thickening at the high temperature of the engine oil, reduce wear of engine components, extend engine life, and increase engine power.

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