Common Sense of Concrete Mixer Truck Maintenance

Aug. 21, 2020


As a special truck for conveying concrete, daily maintenance of the concrete mixer truck is very important. Therefore, to ensure the service life of the mixer truck, maintenance work must be done. If the maintenance and maintenance of the mixer truck are not in place, it will affect the performance and life of the mixer truck. The following concrete transport truck manufacturer will explain some knowledge about the maintenance and maintenance of the mixer truck.

1. First of all, for a newly purchased vehicle, check the bolt fastening conditions at various places including the connecting bolts between the tank head and the reducer, the connecting bolts between the reducer base and the front desk, and the wheelbase and The connecting bolts of the frame and the connecting bolts of the auxiliary beam and the frame. In the future, make sure to check regularly every month.

2. Check whether the lubricating oil on the joint surface of the roller and the raceway is dry every day before driving. It should be supplemented in time to maintain a good lubrication effect. Check the oil level of the cooler and reducer before starting the vehicle to ensure that the oil level indicator is insight. Within the scope; check the sealing condition of the hydraulic oil circuit to keep the hydraulic system clean and sealed, so as to prevent dust and water from polluting the hydraulic oil of the system, causing the system to fail to work or be damaged.

Concrete Mixer Truck

3. Clean the dirt on the supporting roller and raceway at least once a month; inject lubricating grease into the supporting roller through the grease nipple on the supporting roller to ensure that the transmission shaft is lubricated at least once a month.

4. The hydraulic system components are highly accurate, especially the mixer truck hydraulic pump, which is easy to maintain but requires high hydraulic oil to be replaced regularly. The first run is 500 hours, and then 2000 hours or at least once a year. The filter element should be replaced at the same time when refueling or changing oil. The engine must be stopped, otherwise, it will cause damage to the hydraulic system.

5. It is forbidden to weld and modifies the water tank at will to avoid heavy impact; the ice level display tube and filter should be replaced in time to avoid clogging, which affects the judgment of the water level. Always check whether various valve bodies are blocked or work abnormally, and lubricate in time; When used in an environment where icing is possible, the water supply system must be drained to prevent the pipeline from freezing and cracking; often check the key parts of the system for sealing and apply the pipeline sealant.


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