How to Choose a Sanitation Garbage Truck

Aug. 27, 2020


When buying a sanitation garbage truck, we cannot be careless. If we accidentally choose a car that is not suitable for us, we will face many problems in the future, so how to accurately choose a sanitation garbage truck is very important. Different cleaning homework environments have different requirements for the configuration of garbage trucks. The same is the garbage disposal and transportation, and the configuration of garbage trucks is also different.

Swingarm garbage truck and pull arm garbage

The structures of these two garbage trucks are relatively similar. Both of these models are suitable for use in urban garbage transfer stations, communities, schools, and other places, which is convenient and fast. It has a high degree of automation. It is suitable for various industries and can realize the separation of the vehicle body. One vehicle can carry multiple trash bins, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution during loading and unloading transportation. The trash can and the original car chassis are detachable, which is convenient for maintenance and maintains the mobility and driving performance of the original car

Hanging bucket garbage truck

It is also called a self-loading garbage truck. The whole operation is completed by the driver completely in the cab. It has high efficiency and is usually used for garbage collection in the garbage bins on both sides of the street.

Garbage Truck

Compression garbage truck

With electromechanical and hydraulic integration technology, with the aid of the machine, electricity, hydraulic combined automatic control system, through the carriage, the loader and shovel, and other special devices, to achieve garbage into, crush or crush, strong loading, garbage squeezed into the carriage and compacting and shift. Its main features are simple and efficient garbage collection methods, automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression functions, high compression ratio, high loading quality, automatic operation, good power and environmental protection, and high efficiency of vehicle utilization. The most widely used is to transport the garbage in the garbage recycling station in batches and transport the garbage to the designated garbage disposal site.

Sealed garbage truck

The sealed garbage truck is mainly composed of a car chassis, a box body, a door opening mechanism, a lifting mechanism, an electro-hydraulic control system, etc. It is a new type of fully-sealed garbage transportation vehicle integrating mechanics, electricity, and hydraulics. It can not only interact with the LSY series of garbage stations are used as a complete set, and can also be widely used for garbage transportation in urban residential areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, schools, parks, scenic spots, and other places.

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