What are the Effects of Multi-Functional Dust Suppression Truck Spray Dust?

Apr. 03, 2020


Multi-Functional Dust Suppression Truck Spray Dust means that the environmental protection demolition is applied to the demolition of construction sites. That is to say, the environmental protection sprinkler with fog cannon can reduce dust and reduce dust and mist particles reasonably.

Multi-Functional Dust Suppression Truck Spray Dust

Multi-Functional Dust Suppression Truck Spray Dust

The smart sprayer dust suppression vehicle has a watering distance of more than 20 to 120 meters, and the bicycle has a large water storage capacity of nearly 20 tons. The key effect is that the sprayer suppresses dust. In addition, it has the functions of water spraying and road cleaning, and it can reasonably prevent the dust on the construction site. When large cities suffer from haze weather temperature and air index PM2.5 are more serious than the standard, you can choose a region to carry out liquid mist dust reduction, decompose the concentration value of particulate matter in the gas, and fine environmental particulate matter suspended in the gas, floating dust, etc., to quickly descend the road surface, and achieve remarkable results in the purification of indoor air.

The key role of the dust suppression vehicle is spray suppression of smoke and dust (shape: solid particles). In addition, it has the functions of irrigation and floor cleaning, which can reasonably restrain the dust. When large cities encounter thick smoke temperature and the air index of PM2.5 is more serious than the standard, you can choose a region to carry out liquid mist powder spraying to break down the concentration of particles in the eliminated gas and quickly reduce the air floating in the gas Contamination and dust to the road. To achieve a significant practical effect of cleaning and purifying indoor air. Let's talk about the characteristics of the dust suppression car below.

Dust suppression car features:

1. Able to carry out ash removal and dismantling work on crushed stones anytime and anywhere to prevent dust, prevent useless work outside the actual operation scope, and prevent the general spread of dust.

2. Save project investment costs. Smart ash removal truck is a car fog gun, which can be moved easily. Individual machines and equipment can be issued with motors, water storage tanks (composition: high water tank, storage water tank, low water tank), etc., which is convenient and convenient to use. The manufacturer of the dust suppression vehicle manufacturer introduced in detail that it does not need to invest a lot of assets in civil engineering and other infrastructure construction costs. Regardless of the location, office environment or the application of machinery and equipment, the material yard does not require a secondary project investment, covering a wide range, remote Easy to use.

3. The dust suppression truck is suitable for static induction pollutants and daily dynamic pollutants. It can remotely adjust the level and rotate the gushing perspective, which is safe, convenient, convenient and saves human resources management.

Fourth, it is used in the material storage yard, such as reclaimer, palletizer, excavator and other large dust, remote control spraying position, fixed spray deashing, and beautifying the environment.

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