Do you know the development of Truck Crane?

Nov. 12, 2019


A truck crane is a crane mounted on a common car chassis or a special car chassis, and the driving cab is separately provided from the lifting control room. The advantages of this 50 Ton Truck Crane are its good mobility and quick transfer. Disadvantages are that you need to support your legs when working, can't drive under load, and are not suitable for working on the soft or muddy ground. The chassis performance of a truck crane is equivalent to a truck with the same total vehicle weight, which meets the technical requirements of road vehicles, so it can pass through all types of roads without hindrance. This crane is generally equipped with two control rooms for getting on and off the car, and the outriggers must be extended to maintain stability during operation. The lifting weight ranges from 8 to 1600 tons, and the number of axles of the chassis can be from 2 to 10. It is the largest and most widely used crane type.

50 Ton Truck Crane

50 Ton Truck Crane

As a Mining Truck Crane Manufacturer, share the development history with you

China's truck crane was born in the 1960s of the last century. After nearly 50 years of development, there have been 3 major technical improvements during the period, including the introduction of Soviet technology in the 1970s, the introduction of Japanese technology in the 1980s, and the introduction of the 1990s. German technology. But in general, China's truck crane industry has always followed the path of independent innovation and has its own clear development path. Especially in recent years, China's truck crane industry has made great progress, although it is still relatively small compared with foreign countries. There is a certain gap, but this gap is gradually narrowing. Moreover, the performance of China's small and medium tonnage truck cranes is intact, and it can meet the requirements of realistic production. In the near future, China's truck crane industry will certainly develop into a mature industry with stable development and high marketization.

The current new generation of Chinese truck crane products, the operation mode of lifting operations, large-scale application of pilot proportional control has good fine-tuning performance and precision control performance, the small operating force, not easy to fatigue. The stepless speed regulation of proportionally conveying multiple loads is achieved by the pilot proportional handle, which effectively prevents the secondary descent phenomenon during lifting operation and greatly improves the safety, reliability and operating efficiency of the lifting operation.

Some large truck cranes also use the single-cylinder pin telescopic technology on the telescopic boom. Through the action of hydraulic pins, a single hydraulic oil cylinder can complete the movement of multi-section outriggers, and achieve the degree of control and automatic telescopic in various operating conditions The previous operation mode that the oil cylinder could not be added with an internal rope row was changed, making the crane relatively lighter, and expanding the space for the crane to develop to a higher working height.

In the process of entering the international market, the XCMG Truck Crane industry's rapid improvement in quality in recent years has also been highly affirmed by international users. Due to the product use specifications, the user's professional quality is high, and the quality feedback of export products is higher than in China. With a significant reduction, the product response is better. This has laid a good foundation for the development of China's truck crane industry.

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