Do you know the Maintenance Knowledge of HOWO Cargo Truck?

Feb. 15, 2020


As a CARGO Truck Factory, share with you.

1. The first insurance is key

New car maintenance should be sufficient. Most car owners will go to special service stations to perform maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations, because most auto manufacturers have implemented the first insurance free oil replacement discount for new cars. However, experts suggest that the owner is best to make the first guarantee, because HOWO Cargo Truck is in a running-in state, the running-in of mechanical parts, and the demand for lubricants will be relatively high.

2. Second guarantee is also important

For 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers, the replacement of brake pads is relatively important. The project involves the inspection and maintenance of up to 63 projects including engines, automatic transmissions, air-conditioning systems, steering systems, braking systems, suspension systems, body parts, tires, etc. In addition, there are also quality inspection test cars. It can be seen that after so many inspections and maintenance of the car, the entire car condition will obviously enter the optimal state, and the safety of the car can be best guaranteed.

Cargo Truck for Djibouti

Cargo Truck for Djibouti

3. Key items for maintenance

(1) Brake pad

Generally speaking, the brake pads need to be replaced when the vehicle reaches 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers. For owners with bad driving habits, the replacement stroke will be shortened accordingly. If the car owner sees the red light in front, instead of refueling, he refuels, and then adopts the drag brake method to wait for the green light to release, which belongs to this habit. In addition, if the main vehicle is not maintained, it will not be possible to detect the brake pads becoming thin or worn out in time. If the worn brake pads are not replaced in a timely manner, the braking force of the vehicle will gradually decrease, threatening the owner's safety, and the brake discs will be worn out, and the owner's maintenance costs will increase accordingly. Take Buick as an example, if you replace the brake pads, the cost is only 563 yuan, but if the brake disc is also damaged, the overall cost will reach 1,081 yuan.

(2) Tire rotation

Note that one of the tire maintenance items for the second warranty of tire wear is tire rotation. In the case of emergency use of spare tires, owners should replace them with standard tires as soon as possible. It is worth reminding that it is difficult for the owner to visually measure the tire pressure without relying on a barometer. There are some details to the daily use of tires. If you pay attention to the distance between the tread pattern and the wear mark, generally, you should change to a new tire if the distance is within 2-3mm.

Putting prevention first, combining prevention and control, and standardizing maintenance according to the maintenance manual. In this way, trucks will not have major problems.

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