Do you know the Common Troubles of HOWO Cargo Truck?

Feb. 22, 2020


As a CARGO TRUCK Factory, share with you.

The truck consists of four parts: engine, chassis, body and electrical system. The operation of trucks is mainly driven by the engine and the chassis. The chassis includes the drive train, the drive train, the steering train, and the brake train.

HOWO Cargo Truck

HOWO Cargo Truck 

Truck operation principle: When we start the car, the engine generates power and transmits the power to the gearbox. The power passes through the gears in the gearbox and converts high-speed and low-torque power into low-speed and high-torque power, which is then transmitted to the transmission shaft. Driving the rear axle, driving the rear axle drives the rear wheels to rotate, so a car moves.

HOWO Cargo Truck common faults:

The clutch is shaking

Clutch trembling refers to the phenomenon that the vehicle is shaken when the clutch is not engaged smoothly when the car starts. The clutch trembles, which will not only affect the normal start of the vehicle, but also damage the parts in severe cases.

The main causes of clutch chattering are as follows:

1. The height of the inner end of the separation claw is not consistent. (adjustable)

2. Loose fixing bolts of clutch housing and flywheel housing.

3. The engine fixing bolt is loose and the bracket is broken.

4. Clutch driven disc rivets are exposed 剐 hit the pressure disc.

5. Warped deformation of driven disk.

6. The clutch pressure plate is warped and deformed, and the spring force is insufficient.

7. The gap between the spline groove of the driven disc hub and the spline teeth of the first shaft of the transmission is too large due to wear.

8. The front and rear supports of the engine are damaged.

Clutch slip

The vehicle cannot start or is difficult to start. Acceleration cannot be added. When it is serious, it emits a burnt odor.

The causes of clutch slippage are as follows:

1. The free travel of the clutch is too small, the release bearing is pressed against the inner end of the release lever, the pressure plate is in a semi-detached state, and it slips when transmitting power.

2. Improper driver operation. Shifting uphill is not timely. When the engine is about to shut down, it is shifted to the low gear. To save fuel, the gear is turned off and coasting. When the engine is started again, the high gear is first engaged, and then the clutch pedal is released to force Engine starts; aggravates clutch friction.

3. The clutch pressure plate spring is broken, which greatly reduces the ability to transmit engine torque, resulting in slippage.

4. The clutch friction plate becomes thin after wear, the surface is hardened, and the rivets are exposed or stained with oil is also the cause of clutch slippage.

5. Improper adjustment of clutch release lever, loosening of the coupling bolt of clutch and flywheel will also cause slippage of clutch.

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