Did you know the Maintenance of Concrete Mixer Truck?

Mar. 07, 2020


As a Concrete Transport Truck Manufacturer, share with you. Concrete mixer trucks are special trucks used to transport construction concrete; due to their appearance, they are often called field snail cars. These trucks are equipped with a cylindrical mixer drum to carry the mixed concrete. During the transportation process, the mixing drum will always be kept to ensure that the concrete carried will not solidify. After transporting the concrete, the inside of the mixer drum is usually rinsed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from taking up space.

HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck

HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck

HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck is composed of automobile chassis, mixer drum, transmission system, water supply device, full power take-off, front and the rear bracket of mixer drum, reducer, hydraulic drive system, feeding and discharging system, operating mechanism and other parts. Due to technical bottlenecks, domestically produced mixer tanks with a volume of 3m³-8m³ are made of four domestically produced pieces, and most of the four pieces of a volume of 8m³ or more are imported components.

Mixing truck is composed of second-class chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, frame, mixing tank, feeding and discharging device, water supply system, operation system, man ladder and other parts. The front end of the mixing tank is connected to the reducer and installed on the front of the rack and the rear end is supported by two supporting wheels installed on the back of the rack through the rolling track.

Maintenance and repair:

As a transport vehicle, the concrete mixer truck must comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Communications Decree No. 13 of 1990 on the maintenance and repair, and implement the "regular inspection, compulsory maintenance, and condition-based repair" maintenance system. Under this premise, combined with the actual situation of the concrete mixer truck, maintenance and repair is done well. In terms of daily maintenance, in addition to the conventional maintenance of automobile engines, chassis and other parts, concrete mixer trucks must also do the following maintenance work.


Since the concrete will solidify into a hard mass in a short time, and it is corrosive to steel and paint, after each use of the concrete storage tank, the concrete adhered to the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet is necessary for daily maintenance. Serious work. These include:

a. Rinse the feeding port with water before each loading to keep the feeding port moist while charging;

b. Fill the washing water tank that comes with the car with water when loading;

c. After loading, rinse the inlet and clean the concrete left near the inlet;

d. After unloading at the construction site, flush the discharge tank, and then add 30-40 L of washing water to the concrete storage tank; keep the concrete storage tank turning slowly at the forward speed when the vehicle returns;

e. Remember to release the sewage in the concrete storage tank before the next charging;

f. Clean the concrete storage tank and the surroundings of the inlet and outlet at the end of each day to ensure that cement and concrete agglomeration do not adhere.

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