Precautions for Sprinkler Start and Hot Car in Winter

Oct. 12, 2020


With the advent of winter, the protection of the various parts of the sprinkler water tank truck has become particularly important, especially the start of the sprinkler and the hot car in winter, which are very important during the winter driving process. So, what is the method to start the sprinkler and heat the car? This is still poorly understood for novices.

Regarding the correct starting and warming method of the sprinkler, it is necessary to make it clear that the preparation before starting and the heating of the car before driving are both necessary, but the degree of the hot car needs to be controlled. Insufficient or excessive heating of the car is disadvantageous.

Sprinkler Water Tank Truck

Preparation before starting the sprinkler

For models with the manual transmission, check whether the gear has been placed in neutral before starting to avoid damage to the sprinkler's starter motor or traffic by starting with gear. When the sprinkler starts, it needs to rely on the power of the battery to drive the starter motor and then the engine. At this time, the battery needs to output a lot of currents, which is also the time when the battery consumes a lot in the entire working cycle, so you should try to turn off the lights on the car before starting, Audio, air-conditioning, and other large electrical appliances to ensure that the power of the sprinkler battery can be fully output to the starter. This is not only a protection for the battery but also a necessary condition for the sprinkler starter to work more easily.

Do not start the sprinkler engine directly

After getting in the car, insert the key into the key door. Do not start the sprinkler in a hurry. You should screw the sprinkler key door to the power-on position. At this time, all warning lights on the dashboard will light up. After most of the warning lights are off, it means that the system self-checking is complete (there should be only three warning lights that normally light up at this time, battery warning lights, sprinkler handbrake lights and seat belt warning lights), then you can turn the key to "START” gear, start the sprinkler engine.

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