How to Protect the Hydraulic Oil of a Garbage Truck

Sep. 24, 2020


The garbage truck is a large-scale sanitation garbage truck with fully automatic operation. Its hydraulic system is an important part of the entire vehicle. For the smooth operation of the hydraulic system of the garbage truck, hydraulic oil is essential. Hydraulic oil is a hydraulic medium used in a hydraulic system that uses liquid pressure energy. It has the effects of energy transfer, anti-wear, system smoothness, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and cooling in the hydraulic system. How should we protect the hydraulic oil of the garbage truck?

1. Choose suitable hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil plays the role of transmitting pressure, smoothing, cooling, and sealing in the hydraulic system of the garbage truck. Choosing inappropriate hydraulic oil will cause the hydraulic system to malfunction and reduce durability. When replacing the hydraulic oil of the garbage truck, choose according to the trademark in the manual. Hydraulic oils of different trademarks cannot be mixed to prevent hydraulic oil from chemically reacting and changing its function. Dark brown, milky white, and odorous hydraulic oil is a metamorphic oil and cannot be used.

Garbage Truck

2. Avoid mixing solid impurities into the hydraulic system. Clean hydraulic oil is the life of the hydraulic system. There are many fine parts in the hydraulic system of garbage trucks, and some are equipped with damping holes or gaps. If solid impurities invade, it will cause strains, hairpins, oil passages, etc., which will endanger the safe operation of the hydraulic system.

3. Avoid air invading the hydraulic system. At normal pressure and temperature, the hydraulic oil of the garbage truck contains air with a volume ratio of 6% to 8%. When the pressure drops, the air will dissociate from the oil, and the bubble burst will cause the hydraulic components to "cavitation" and cause noise. A lot of air entering the oil will aggravate the phenomenon of "cavitation", the compressibility of hydraulic oil will increase, the operation will be unstable, the work efficiency will be reduced, and the actuator will appear "creeping" and other undesirable consequences. In addition, air will also oxidize hydraulic oil and accelerate its transformation.

4. Avoid water invading the hydraulic system. Excessive water content in the hydraulic oil of the garbage truck will rust the hydraulic components, emulsify the oil, reduce the strength of the smooth oil film, and accelerate mechanical wear. In addition to avoiding moisture aggression during maintenance, attention should be paid to tightening the lid of the storage barrel when it is not in use.

Therefore, for the safe and useful operation of your garbage truck, you must pay attention to the maintenance and protection of the hydraulic oil to ensure the stable operation of the hydraulic system.

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