How can I Prevent the Small Excavator Bucket from Moving Slowly?

May. 23, 2020


As a Crawler Crane Manufacturer, share with you. First, we should develop the habit of careful observation. When the bucket cylinder works slowly, you can check it first, then systematically check the oil filter after the surface is abnormal.

As the operation increases, the degree of wear of the bucket cylinder piston also increases. When impurities generated during wear gradually enter the oil pipe with the flow of the medium, the oil filter element will be trapped. Over time, fragments of black rubber will deposit in the oil filter.

Crawler Excavator

Crawler Excavator

As the machine time increases, the steel ring of the bucket cylinder piston gradually shows signs of breakage. This situation will directly lead to zero distance contact between the piston and the cylinder. During operation, frequent expansion and contraction of the piston rod will press on the bucket. The inner wall of the cylinder is scraped, creating strain on the bucket wall, and internal leakage causes the bucket cylinder to move at a lower speed. Eventually, the bucket cylinder does not work properly.

In operation, the understanding of standard operation and control should be improved, and the professional quality of the operator should be improved. During operation, the expansion margin of the bucket cylinder can be guaranteed to be 10 ~ 20 cm. This prevents the bucket cylinder from being overloaded for a long time.

How to operate XCMG Excavator when facing uphill?

Causes of the problem: 1. It may be that the walking motor is damaged and the uphill is very weak; 2. If the front part of the walking is broken, the excavator will not be able to climb uphill; 3. The excavator cannot climb uphill may also be a problem of the distributor.

Fault maintenance: 1. First, maintain the walking motor and engine. After that, the fault still indicates that the fault is not here; 2. Second, the front of the walk, after replacing the pilot valve, the uphill still exists; 3. After removing the distributor for inspection, the internal The component is damaged. After replacing damaged parts, the excavator's uphill failure was successfully eliminated.

What is the reason why the Crawler Excavator has a walking deviation fault?

1. The center rotary joint seal is damaged

2. Balance valve in the parking brake oil circuit on the side of the micro-excavator

3. Stroke motor safety valve

4. Leakage, dust blocking the main drive system balance valve

5. Excavator main valve deflection failed

6. The stroke suction valve on the deflection side of the excavator is damaged.

7. The tension of the track is different.

8. The plunger of the pump flow regulator of the oil pump is stuck.

9. The output pressure of the operating proportional valve is too low.

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