XCMG Overlarge Mining Motor Grader GR5505 for Sale


$598,000-$698,000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

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Delivery time: 45-60 Days

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Product Description

GR5505 super large heavy duty mining grader

1. The operation of the working device is replaced by two traditional joysticks, which are replaced by two electronically controlled handles, which reduces the driver's speed by 70%.

2. Manual mode: The change of the vehicle speed is realized by manually operating the gearbox position control handle.

3. Automatic mode: The gearbox realizes automatic shifting by detecting information such as engine speed and vehicle speed.

4. Configure the variable power engine and the gearbox of the lockable clutch. The system matching can automatically adjust the engine curve and the gear position and lift according to the “load-vehicle speed change”, so that the machine is always in the “best working state”.

5. The blade is equipped with a floating valve group on the two lifting cylinders. When the pressure of the lifting cylinder is greater than the preset pressure of the floating valve group, the cylinder will automatically adjust the stroke to mitigate the impact.

6. The fan operation is automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the cold liquid, the engine inter-cooler and the oil temperature of the torque converter to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

7. Apply mining heavy-duty working conditions, develop friction turbine casing with overload protection, large modulus high wear-resisting rotary ring gear, integrated angular positioner, blade with optimal radius of curvature, and blade The guide rail is heat treated.

8. When the vehicle needs to be hinged back, it can be reset by one button, which is convenient and quick.

9. Develop the rear axle for large-scale mining graders, replacing the traditional chain transmission with gear transmission, high transmission efficiency and decentralized force, improving the working reliability and performance of the rear axle.

10, using pressurized cab, CAN-type button panel, 10 inch LCD screen, air suspension seat, double handle operation, indoor stereo full-range air-conditioning air duct layout, the cab is sealed, the noise inside the room is not more than 78 decibels.


XCMG Overlarge Mining Motor Grader GR5505 for Sale


Engine ModelCUMMINS QSX15
Rated power/speed399kW/2100rpm
Overall dimension (standard)14300x4200x4600
Total weight (standard)63000 kg
Tire specification23.5R25
Ground clearance (front axle)500mm
Space of front and rear axles7200 mm
Space of middle and rear wheels1538 mm
Forward velocity4.7/6.2/9.1/11.9/17.3/22.5/33/42.7km/h
Reverse speed4.7/10.1/17.3/33km/h
Tractive effort f=0.75380kN
Maximum gradeability25%
Tire inflation pressure320kPa
Working system pressure25MPa
Transmission pressure1.3—1.8Mpa
Maximum steering angle of front wheel±45°
Maximum slant angle of front wheel±17°
Maximum oscillating angle of front axle±15°
Maximum oscillating angle of equilibrium box±15°
Maximum steering angle of frame±22°
Minimum turning radius12.5m
Scrape knifeMaximum lift height450mm

Maximum cutting depth500mm

Maximum tilt angle65°

Cutting angle28°—70°

Angle of revolution360°

Length & chord height7300x1067mm
Fuel tank550L
Balancing box186L
Drive axle106L
Hydraulic oil310L

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