China XCMG 180HP Hydraulic Motor Grader Gr1803 with Ripper


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1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

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Product Description

1. The engine variable power control technology makes the machine work in the optimal consumption area and is more energy efficient.

2. Realize linkage between engine curve and gear position, different gear positions can output different power curves, saving machine fuel consumption rate.

3. Variable power engine, traditional system matching technology, so that the power output capacity of the whole machine is greater.

4. Optimized blade structure for more efficient soil and soil dumping.

5. The turning force is increased by 60%. At the same time, the rotating ring gear is heat-treated to realize the load-bearing rotation.

6. The wear resistance of the working device is improved to improve the service life.

7. The structural optimization of CAE is optimized and the structure is optimal.

8. XCMG unique wet drive axle technology.

9. Super-working device with slewing ring and overload protection turbine box (some models).

10. Using the operating system speed-up technology, after the displacement of the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor is increased, the working speed of the cylinder is increased by 20%.

11. Ergonomics, shock absorption and noise reduction technology, improve the comfort of the whole machine.

12. Diamond-shaped sealed cab (XCMG Patent), wide field of vision.


China XCMG 180HP Hydraulic Motor Grader Gr1803 with Ripper


Engine ModelSHANGCHAI SC7H190.1G3
Rated power/speed140kW/2200rpm
Overall dimension (standard)8900x2625x3420
Total weight (standard)15400 kg
Tire specification17.5-25
Ground clearance (front axle)430mm
Space of front and rear axles6219 mm
Space of middle and rear wheels1538 mm
Forward velocity5/8/11/19/23/38km/h
Reverse speed5/11/23km/h
Tractive effort f=0.7580 kN
Maximum gradeability25%
Tire inflation pressure260kPa
Working system pressure16MPa
Transmission pressure1.3—1.8Mpa
Maximum steering angle of front wheel±50°
Maximum slant angle of front wheel±17°
Maximum oscillating angle of front axle±15°
Maximum oscillating angle of equilibrium box±15°
Maximum steering angle of frame±27°
Minimum turning radius7.3m
Scrape knifeMaximum lift height450mm

Maximum cutting depth500mm

Maximum tilt angle90°

Cutting angle28°—70°

Angle of revolution360°

Length & chord height3965x610mm
Fuel tank280L
Balancing box46L
Drive axle28L
Hydraulic oil110L

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