Why do Excavator Tracks Wear so Quickly When Used?

Feb. 29, 2020


Crawler Excavator has now become the main model on the market and for multi-party operations. Because excavators are generally constructed in relatively harsh environments, it is inevitable that the crawler will loosen, damage, break and other failures, which will cause the crawler to wear too quickly. what is the reason? Crawler Excavator Manufacturer explains for you:

XCMG Crawler Excavator

XCMG Crawler Excavator

1. Driving on uneven roads

When the excavator performs earthwork, the work site is generally uneven. Under such terrain conditions, the tracked excavator does not pay attention to the route. The weight of the body will tend to be local, and the local pressure will increase, which will affect the track. Causes some damage and looseness issues will occur.

2. Improper operation when turning

When the excavator is turning, one side of the track is walking, and the other side of the track does not move, resulting in a large rotation motion. If the track is blocked by the raised part on the ground, it will get caught on the track on the side of rotation It can be easily strained.

3. Walking for a long time

The excavator can not be driven on the road for too long like a car. The operator needs to pay special attention. The crawler excavator cannot walk for too long. This will not only cause huge damage to the track, but also affect the service life of the equipment. Therefore, excavation The moving distance of the machine must be controlled by one degree.

4. Debris in the track is not cleaned in time

When the crawler excavator is working or moving, some gravel or dirt will enter the crawler. If it is not removed in time before walking, the gravel will be squeezed on the drive wheels, guide wheels and Between crawler tracks, a long time will loosen the excavator crawler tracks and cause chain rails to break.

5. The excavator is not parked reasonably

The crawler excavator should not be parked vaguely. It must be parked in a flat place. If the level is uneven, the excavator track will be unevenly stressed. The crawler on one side bears a large weight, and it is easy to cause the crawler to be pulled due to stress concentration. Broken or cracked.

The advantages of crawler excavators are mainly concentrated on the chassis:

Advantages: Due to the large grounding area, it is better in muddy, wetlands and other places where it is easy to sink. Because the excavator itself has a large weight, this allows the excavator to go widely. In addition, because the crawler is made of metal, It can also be used in mines or places with poor working conditions and has strong off-road capabilities.

Disadvantages: Relatively speaking, the investment is larger than the wheeled type, and the mobility is not good. The maximum design speed is only 5-7KM / H, and the long-range movement depends on the scooter.

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