Maintenance of Excavator Battery

Jul. 16, 2020


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(1) Maintain a certain level of electrolyte level

According to the requirements of use, the electrolyte liquid level should be 10 to 15mm above the plate. During the inspection, first use a glass tube with an inner diameter of 4 to 6 mm and a length of about 150 mm, and insert it vertically into the filling port until it contacts the edge of the electrode plate, and then use your index finger to compress the height of the electrolyte in the glass tube is the electrolyte level in the battery Higher than the height of the plate. After the measurement, the electrolyte in the glass tube is put back. If the liquid level is not enough, distilled water should be added in time. Do not add spring water, river water, tap water, or dilute sulfuric acid, otherwise, the electrolyte density will increase and damage the electrode board. It should also be noted that distilled water should be added when the battery is in a charged state to ensure that the electrolyte is mixed more evenly; the liquid level should not be too high to prevent the electrolyte from overflowing during charging and discharging.

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(2) Remove the yellow-white paste on the cover in time

The yellow-white paste on the battery case cover is the result of the electrochemical corrosion of the electrode pile due to the sulfuric acid solution splashing around the battery case cover and the pole pile. Among them, the white substance is lead sulfate, and the yellow substance is ferric sulfate, which is very corrosive and has a large resistance. If it is in contact with the wire, a large contact resistance will be formed, resulting in poor conductivity.

To this end, it is necessary to frequently use alkaline water, or use 10% soda water or 10% ammonia solution to soak the cotton yarn to wipe off the electrolyte splashed at the battery case and cover, so that the surface is often neutral. If there is oxide in the gap between the pole and the wire joint, it can be scraped off with a tool.

(3) Regular recharge

Under normal circumstances, the discharged battery should be charged within 24h; for the battery on the stopped machine (or large equipment that is not in use), it must be recharged once a month; the battery in use should be changed every two Removed once a month for 1 recharge.

(4) Regularly check the density of the electrolyte

The electrolyte density must be adapted to the region and season. According to practical experience, the relative density of the electrolyte of the newly charged battery can reach 1.20~1.25g/m3 before and after summer in most areas of China (except the severely cold areas). When the used battery is recharged, the relative density of the electrolyte should be maintained In 1.15~1.18g/cubic meter. The relative density of the electrolyte in autumn should be gradually increased from 1.18g/m3 to 1.25g/m3, adjusted to 1.285g/m3 in winter, and distilled water was gradually added in spring to lower the relative density.

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