Seven Common Devices of Excavators

Aug. 05, 2020


The function of the excavator itself is already powerful, but with a bucket, what can be done is limited, so the excavator is modified to increase the function of the excavator. Let's take a look at the commonly used change devices.

1. Breaking hammer (hydraulic breaker)

According to the tonnage of the excavator, how big the excavator should use, and how big the hammer is, otherwise, it will be useless for the excavator and breaking hammer. It is mainly used for mining ore and demolition of concrete. Be careful not to hit empty during the operation, otherwise, it will damage the hammer oil seal and piston.

2. Vibratory rammer (also known as hydraulic rammer or compactor)

It is also adapted according to the tonnage of the excavator, how big the excavator uses, and how big the ram is used. In recent years, it is mainly used for water conservancy slope protection and high-speed and railway slope construction. Some small excavators are equipped with ramming for building foundations, completely replacing labor, and efficient Great progress, saving construction costs and achieving an effect that cannot be surpassed by labor.

3. Quick coupler (quick connector or quick adapter)

This equipment is not used for construction but is specifically used to switch between the breaking hammer (or other equipment) and the bucket. Generally, the switching of equipment by a skilled manipulator will not exceed 30 seconds before the switch is completed. In the past, it took 40~ For 60 minutes, two or more people are required.

4. Scarifier (Ripper)

The price of the equipment is determined according to the size of the excavator. The larger the excavator, the thicker the wear-resistant manganese steel plate and the stricter the welding process requirements. Regular manufacturers generally require welding flaw detection equipment to ensure the quality of the factory. It is mainly used for weathering stones. In construction, the working condition layering is easier to use. The bucket is hard to dig, and the broken hammer is a bit easy to spread. At this time, the use of a ripper will greatly improve construction efficiency. First, use the ripper to separate the soil layer or the weathered stone layer. Then use the quick connector to switch the bucket loading.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker Excavator

5. Wood grabber (clamping machine)

It is divided into hydraulic log grabber and mechanical log grabber, hydraulic log grabber is divided into hydraulic rotary log grabber and fixed log grabber, the log grabber can be used to grab stones and scrap steel through the redesign and modification of the claw, mainly used to grab wood And bamboo, the loading and unloading truck is very fast and convenient.

6. Hydraulic shears (hydraulic clamp)

This equipment is mainly used for the demolition of buildings. The efficiency is much higher than that of the breaking hammer, but the cost of after-sales service and accessories is higher. If your demolition conditions are more, it is recommended to purchase, otherwise, it is recommended to use a cheap breaking hammer.

Seven, hydraulic rock drill (perforating machine)

Mainly used in mine blasthole construction, according to the size of the excavator, there are integral machine and excavator modification points, the modification cost is lower, the diameter and depth of the hole directly depend on your excavator model.

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