100 Ton Xct100 Lifting Truck Crane in Uzbekistan


$440,000-$450,000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

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Delivery time: 25-30 Days

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Product Description

XCMG 100 ton New Model XCT100 truck crane

Main Parameter

Overall length: 15600mm
Overall width: 3000mm
Overall height: 3870mm
Wheel base: 1920+3500+1420+1505mm
Track: 2449/2315mm
Total vehicle mass in travel configuration: 55000kg
Engine Model: WP6G240E330/OM906LA.E3A/2
Engine rated power: 176/2300kW/(r/min)/190/2200kW/(r/min)
Engine rated torque: 860/1200-1700N.m/(r/min)/1000/1200-1600N.m/(r/min)
Max. travel speed: 90km/h
Min. turning diameter:2 3m
Min. ground clearance: 326
Max. grade ability: 0.45
XCT100(G1) is mounted on a five-axle chassis for truck crane with engine conforming to China national V emission standard. Six-section U-shaped booms are applied with new single-cylinder pinning telescoping system. Fixed jib, including optional inserts and independent jib head is also adopted. Furthermore, this product applies concealed double independent winches, external-geared slewing mechanism, combined counterweight and open hydraulic system. Main pump adopts variable pump, supplemented by fixed-displacement pump. Winch applies variable motor and slewing mechanism adopts fixed-displacement motor to meet different needs. Load-sensitive system brings higher working efficiency. Multiple-mode monitoring function is supported by computer-integrated control technology. Meanwhile, safer and more reliable operation is also realized by the comprehensive application of intelligent boom technology. New appearance, humanized design and the utilization of human-machine interactive system satisfy the humanized needs of users. All these features contribute to larger working range stronger lifting capacity and easier operation.

1.High performance
Overall optimized matching technology is adopted with high strength boomand optimized aspect ratio, which reduces boom torsion, side-bending, etc. Newsingle-cylinder pinning telescoping system brings higher telescopingreliability. Inserted sliders may efficiently increase the overlapping lengthof adjacent boom sections and eliminate point contact or line contact betweenslider and boom, thus local buckling phenomenon is effectively avoided. Compactboom tail structure improves boom telescoping ratio, which effectively contributesto longer boom length. The boom with six sections can be extended up to 64m, 1mhigher than the longest boom in the class in the industry, with performanceimproved by 15~20%.

Equipped with high-precision sensors and large power radiator, newenergy-saving hydraulic system adopts large displacement electric proportionalvariable pump with intelligent engine control technology to achiece higherenergy utilization, lower heat production, improved system reliability and 15%fuel conservation.

The latest control technology platform is adopted to update the system with the realization of intelligent crane operations and travel control, such as automatic planning of working conditions, winch servo control technology,lifting elevating compensation control technology, and other in-house developed intelligent boom technologies, contributing to improved automation of boom control and higher lifting safety to a large degree.
Road traveling and tight turning radius modes are available through rear-axle hydraulic control servo steering technology to ensure stable high-speed driving and flexible low-speed driving.


100 Ton Xct100 Lifting Truck Crane


Dimension parameterUnitXCT100
Overall lengthmm15295
Overall widthmm3000
Overall heightmm3820
Weight parameter

Total weight in travelkg55000
Axle loadkg10000×2+13000×2+9000

Engine model
TAD722VE/BF6M1013EC, ISM11E4 440/WP12.430 E40
Engine rated powerkW/(r/min)174/2300, 318/1900 316/1900
Engine rated torqueN.m/(r/min)854/1400 (Max. torque), 2060/1000-1400 2080/1200-1300
Travelling parameter

Max. travel speedkm/h80
Min. turning diameterm23
Min. ground clearancemm312
Approach angle°18
Departure angle°13
Max. grade ability%45
Fuel consumption for 100kmL65/72
Main performance parameter

Max. rated total lifting capacityt100
Min. rated working radiusmm3000
Turning radius at turntable tailm4.64
Max. lifting torquekN.m4380
Max. lifting height of base boomm13.5
Max. lifting height of fully extended boomm61.2
Max. lifting height of fully extended boom+ jibm78
Longitudinal outrigger spanm7.7
Lateral outrigger spanm7.9
Working speed parameter

Boom luffing times60
Boom full extension times420
Max. swing speedr/min2
Max. speed of main winch (single rope) (no load)m/min130
Max. speed of aux. winch (single rope) (no load)m/min130

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