XCMG 130 Ton XCA130 All Terrain Crane for sale


$100,000-$480,000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

Payment Terms:

Delivery time: 25-30 Days

Shipping: ContainerFlat RackRoro

Product Description

Intelligent five-axle all terrain crane with high job site transfer performance.

Wireless remote control technology is applied, so the remote control of outriggers, lifting, elevating, counterweight erection, jib unfolding and folding with one person can be realized.

Efficient job site transfer with various axle loads is realized, so job site transfer is more convenient.

The min. stable slewing speed is 0.1°/s. The min. stable lifting speed (at drum) is 2.5m/min. 

Precise and safe lifting movements can be realized

Dual-pump separate and confluent control technology brings higher compound movement performance in the industry with higher working efficiency.



XCMG 130 Ton XCA130 All Terrain Crane for sale


Outline sizemm15259x2750x3950(14.0R25)
(length x width x height)

Wheel basemm2500+1650+2100+1650
Track(Front/ Rear)mm2296(14.0R25)/2340(16.0R25)/2308(20.5R25)
Front/ Rear overhangmm2582/2359
Front/ Rear extensionmm2161/0
Max. permissible total weightkg60000
Axle load1st axlekg12000

2nd axlekg12000

3rd axlekg12000

4th axlekg12000

5th axlekg12000
Engine model——OM471LA
Engine rated power/rpmkW/(r/min)360/1700
Max. net power/rpmkW/(r/min)360/1700
Max. output torque/rpmN.m/(r/min)2300/1300
Emission standard——Euro IV/ Tier 4F
Max. travel speedkm/h80(14.0R25)/85(16.0R25/20.5R25)
Min. stable travel speedkm/h3
Min. turning diameterm≤18(Tight-turning radius mode, five-axle steering)

≤22(Normal road mode, five-axie steering)
Min. turning diameter at boom tipm≤23.3(Tight-turning radius mode, five-axle steering)

≤27.2(Normal road mode, five-axle steering)
Min. ground clearancemm330(14.0R25)/380(16.0R25/20.5R25)
Approach angle°19.1(14.0R25)/20.4(16.0R25/20.5R25)

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