XCMG 300 Ton XCA300U All Terrain Crane


$1,620,000-$1,780,000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

Payment Terms:

Delivery time: 25-30 Days

Shipping: ContainerFlat RackRoro

Product Description

XCA300U All Terrain Crane

1. The lifting capacity takes the lead in the industry with strong power, the 6-axle all terrain crane with high intelligent level.
2. Dynamically choosing different braking modes, which contributes to precise control on power performance and avoids invalid braking control or insufficient braking force, and can shorten emergency braking distance, effectively avoid traffic accident, reduce the abrasion of braking system and increase the service life.

3. Comfort: Improved designs, such as imperial man-machine interactive interface, US principle braking system, electronic rearview mirror and reserved ports for attaching boom dolly, significantly satisfy the operating habits of North Americans.

4. Safety: FSG outrigger length detection system, outrigger pressure detection system, and several warning functions, such as braking disk abrasion warning, superstructure low slewing pressure warning (with DOLLY attached) are available, well ensuring the traveling safety.
5. The leg length and length sensor, leg pressure sensor and rotary angle sensor are equipped to collect the crane's attitude accurately, and display information to the user automatically with the help of vehicle mounted display.


XCMG 300 Ton XCA300U All Terrain Crane


XCMG 300 Ton XCA300U All Terrain CraneXCMG 300 Ton XCA300U All Terrain Crane

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